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The 4 Most Common Living Room Mistakes and How to Fix Them at Los Angeles Discount Furniture

Do you spend most of your time in your living room? You are not alone. Often we may have open-plan spaces that flow, incorporating a kitchen, dining area, study area, and traditionally a lounge area.

Living spaces may often become cluttered and not resemble at all the stylish spreads in décor magazines. Your friend’s living room looks like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop team styled it themselves – but yours? Does it have style and function? There are four very common décor mistakes that are made which can easily be changed and transform your living space at Los Angeles discount furniture into a place of beauty and style.

The Golden Ratio

Too often the proportion of your furniture is wrong. What does this mean? Well, 2:3 is the golden ratio that creates harmony and balance in a room and is used by Los Angeles designers. Look closely at your coffee table and sofa, and then again at the rug on the floor.

Ideally, the coffee table should be two-thirds the length of the sofa. Similarly, the couch should be 2 thirds the width of the rug. How do your pieces relate to each other? Do you have large seating but a coffee table that may be too small? Although it may take up less space it will not produce a harmonious feel to the area.

Focal Areas

Often a living space can be multifunctional and have distinct areas that are used. It is important to group function and form together but keep these areas linked together. How do you do this? Is your dining room table also your home office? Is your DVD collection and TV crowded next to a fireplace?

It’s important to have separate focal points but if you never use the fireplace, think practically. It could be bricked in and give you more wall space. Color can be used to bring harmony to your space.

Matching color can give the illusion that everything belongs together. A contrasting sofa may be bright and cheerful but clash terribly with your kitchen furniture. In open-plan living areas, color harmony is more pleasing to the eye.

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Add Layers

Your living space needs to be functional but it is very common to neglect the importance of soft furnishings. Look carefully at the color palette in your living area and not only at the walls and furniture. You may have mismatched furniture or have bought lovely bargains that you love but somehow don’t quite work together as a whole.

How do you make your room look like it is balanced and ready for your spread in LA’s trendy décor mags? You will need layers – from wall hangings, throws, cushions, and table décor – you need to tie your look together.

You can use color and texture to bring harmony to your space. Bold and funky cushions may be fun but will create the wrong focal point in your room. The secret is to balance color proportionally too. Lighting can also add a layer to your space and look too at your flooring. Does everything work together well?

The Layout of your furniture

One of the most common mistakes is to push all your furniture against the wall to free up the most ‘space.’ While this may seem like a logical idea, it does not always create balance in a room. This is the essential feeling that you need to achieve in a space.

While there may be miles of space around your coffee table, this is not actually necessary. Consider moving your sofas closer to that table and away from the walls. This creates a more intimate space. Look carefully at the position of your seating, tables, and free-standing lamps, for example.

Creating a more balanced reading nook area, or study area may require you to change the layout of your room completely but will be more pleasing to the eye and be more functional.

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