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5 Great Interior Design Tricks at LA Discount Furniture to Transform Your Home

Have you moved into a new home? Are you looking for some interior design secrets that can change your home? There are some quick and budget-friendly options at la discount furniture that can give your home a whole new feel. Your home is a place that should feel welcoming and offer your senses a place to relax and unwind after a long day at work. Even if you are a stay at home Mom, or Dad, or retired your home should be a tranquil haven for you and your family. Too often our homes are filled with clutter or furniture that may not ideally work in the space you have. There are some clever design secrets that will instantly transform your home.

Paint for the Illusion of Space

Smaller rooms can feel cramped and be depending on the natural light sources, may be darker too. An easy way to make any small room feel larger is to use soft and light colors on the walls. This will instantly give you the illusion that the room is bigger than the actual dimensions.

Similarly, if you have curtains or blinds, try and match them to the walls. This keeps the illusion that the room is bigger as there is no color separation or boundary between the windows and walls. Mirrors are a great way to add light to a room too. The more light there is in a room, the larger it will feel.

Use Clever Cover-Ups

Do you have a sofa that is past its former glory days? What about a carpet that has unsightly stains? Replacing your carpet or lounge suite requires a big investment. Before you are ready to replace them, it’s a great idea to use clever cover-ups, and mix the old with the new.

For a sofa, or seating that is no longer in good condition buy a throw, or stylish fabric, and use it to cover the warning area. Voila! Instant upgrade! Similarly, a well-placed rug can disguise a multitude of sins. It is better to save up for major investments like flooring and furniture than to simply buy cheaper items that will not last.

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Wallpaper Your Ancient Bookcase

Older wooden bookcases can look drab! You can easily transform them into modern, eye-catching and stylish pieces. All you need to do is paste wallpaper onto the inside of the bookcase. Do you have any wallpaper at home, which you are not using?

Neutrals can work well, but a lovely vintage pattern will look amazing. If you fancy something a little funkier, you could add a pop of color to one of the shelves too.

Remember that too much color in a small space will also crowd the room and you don’t want anything to clash with the color palette in a room either. Wallpaper will work on lighter, or darker colored bookcases.

Cushion Covers Are Your New BFF

Changing your cushion covers is a lot simpler, and cheaper, than buying new cushions. You don’t need to replace cushions unless they are falling apart. Changing your “cushions” is an economical way to change the whole look of a room. What type of sofa do you have and what is the color palette of the room?

You can introduce new textures, and colors very easily with newer, fresher cushions. Bold pops of color, floral prints, and trendy fashion images – each season brings a new trending color palette and prints.

Visit your local home retail stores to see what is trending for the season. It may be parrots, proteas or vintage maps. Cushion covers are a fresh way to transform your whole living area, or bedroom, without splurging and breaking the bank.

Plants Plants Plants

Bring the outdoors indoors to add a welcome dimension of nature to any room. Plants are wonderful and calming for any environment. They add color and purify the air. There are health benefits to having plants in any room.

See what plants are suitable for your home, and visit a local nursery or home store. Succulents, lilies, orchids, palms – depending on the size of your home and space you have, you could add feature pots or simply place in spaces that are suitable. Plants are a budget-friendly way to give your home a tranquil feel, and by bringing the outdoors indoors, you also create more of a feeling of harmony and space.

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