Aircraft Registration Renewal

Aircraft Registration Renewal, Re-Registration & Registration

Think back to when you bought your first car. The excitement of the open road, the freedom to cruise whenever and wherever you wanted. With that purchase, though, also came a fair amount of responsibility. You had to obtain proper licensing as well as registration for your vehicle. If you are in a position to own an airplane, this process is not much different. You will soon find yourself in a place where you need to complete an aircraft registration renewal, as well as other documentation matters with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

It is probably not much of a shock that airplane ownership comes with a large volume of paperwork. You had to complete many hours of training and pass a difficult test to even fly on your own in the first place–taking to the skies in your own aircraft also calls for some bureaucratic legwork.

The FAA, as an organization, is charged with protecting the U.S. skies. They are tasked with designing and implementing new regulations and laws that aim to keep American pilots and passengers safe. Governing surrounding skies on international waters as well, this sector of the U.S. Department of Transportation must account for all planes in our airspace. In order to effectively do this, they must keep an accurate registry of all privately owned aircraft in the U.S.

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