LA Dispensary Edibles

Are LA Dispensary Edibles Really Safer Than Smoking?

Many would argue that LA Dispensary edibles – or edibles in general – are a much safer way to consume cannabis compared to smoking. The main argument here is that unlike lighting up and smoking a joint or a blunt or taking a huge bowl rip, consuming marijuana in edible form does not compromise the lungs in any way. But how accurate is this assessment? Better yet, is there any truth to this claim? These are important questions that need answers, and hopefully, this article can address them.

What Is in A Cannabis Edible?

Theoretically, edibles are cannabis-infused products that come in different varieties. Apart from the space cakes, cookies, and other baked desserts that we know, edibles these days can also be manufactured as gummies, hard candies, even fizzy beverages. Edibles are known to contain a purified form of THC known as distillate. THC in pure form, as we know, is more potent and hard-hitting, which bodes well for the reputation of edibles as a much stronger form of cannabis consumption. But there are low-dose edibles for people who are just starting out. Typically, these products contain less than 50 mg of THC. Some may even contain CBD, which is more for medical purposes.

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