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Are Postcards Still Relevant in the Era of Social Media?

When was the last time you went to a printing company in Glendale to print postcards for your clients? With the age of social media, surely, you would think that postcards are dead. You’ll be surprised to know that people are still sending them to the people they love. And yes, some business owners still take the time to print their postcards and send them to their valued clients.

Are Postcards Still a Thing?

Despite email, social media, and text messaging, postcards are still a thing. They are still some of the most sensible things that you can send to someone. Indeed, you can email your friend who lives in a different country. It takes a few minutes to write an email and your friend receives it instantly. But if you write and send a postcard, it will show your recipient that you care. It reflects how you put time and energy into picking a design, writing the message, and mailing it.

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