What Is A Babymoon?


The general idea of a babymoon is depicted in the film The Babymoon, which is directed by Bailey Kobe. In this movie, you will find a couple having a great vacation in a luxury hotel, as part of their celebration in leaving their old life and welcoming life with an additional member — the baby. The couple in this film decided to have their babymoon in Puerto Rico. It’s a beautiful country. The cast and crew of the movie stayed at the Waldorf Astoria Resorts. While watching the film and planning your babymoon, you might consider having it in this place as well because of the peaceful nature offered by the entire property.

Before watching it, you might think of this film as a boring one. How would a couple having a vacation in a luxury hotel excite you? But once you watch the movie, you could say that you would want to have your own babymoon minus the kidnapping as shown in the film. The film will make you realize that even though carrying a child can be a difficult thing for a woman; she can still be powerful. When she visited a home for a sick child, you would find it sweet and not cliche. It’s probably because it was shown in a fascinating way.

Is It Just For Couples Who Are Expecting A Child?

The movie targets couples who are expecting a child or planning to have their own babymoon. But this movie can also touch the hearts of those who are not the target demographic of the film. The reason for this is that the film is entirely charming, funny and entertaining. When humor is needed, the case delivered it well. When drama is necessary, the actors and actresses in this film did in a genuine way.

The Babymoon, a film by Bailey Kobe, is one of those rare films that consider every role as a lot of fun. This movie will give you fun and enjoyment while watching it alone or with your partner. You don’t have to be an expecting mother or a mother with kids to appreciate it. You also don’t have to be a father whose wife is pregnant to understand the film. The movie is enjoyable to see, and it allows you to appreciate women even more.


This funny, witty and honest film is directed by Bailey and filmed in and out of the US. If you wish to know its cast or watch its trailer to know better what The Babymoon movie really is.