100% organic cotton linens

The Best Place for 100% Organic Cotton Linens

As a hotel owner, you know how important it is to provide to your clients with the most comfortable experience possible. This is what makes them come back for more and refer your location to others. So it is quite important that you take good care of every detail. A bed is an essential part of every hotel, and it needs to be as tidy and comfortable as it gets. You can find the best place for 100% organic cotton linens at our Green Suites Hotels Solutions online store.

We are an eco-friendly, customer satisfaction oriented hotel suppliers that work for more than 4000 locations in all 50 states in the USA. We also provide goods for hotels in 45 countries. As we are aware of the environmental impact, we work with several organizations. Green Seal, the EPA (WAVE Program, Green Lights, and Green Buildings), CERES, Net Impact and the Rocky Mountain Institute are some of the entities we’ve worked with.

Great variety of 100% Organic Cotton Linens

They say people spend around one-third of their lives in bed. Maybe they will spend part of that time in your location. So why not invest in clean, comfortable, beautiful linens? The products we offer at Green Suites Hotels Solutions are made with G.O.T.S. certified fabric and come in a wide variety of sizes. We also have many other 100% organic cottons products like robes, towels and bath items. Robes come in many sizes and colors to suit your client’s needs and your location’s identity respectively.

The process to buy and check out your order on our website is quick and easy. Our catalog includes hundreds of products like hotel shampoo and conditioners, dispensers, lotions and many more. Our philosophy is to take care of the “human factor”. We care about you as an owner as well as your employees and your clients. We believe to provide a complete solution for everyone involved in your business.

100% organic cotton linens

A supplier you can rely on

Green Suites Hotel Solutions prioritizes the environment over profit. Our mission is to provide products for your hotel that are reusable, non-toxic, biodegradable, energy, water, and waste reducing. We understand that a 100% non-contaminant solution is not available yet, but we care to provide solutions that are as eco-friendly as possible. If you need more information about any product in particular, please give us a call at 1 (800) 224-4228.