USCG Vessel Documentation

Can I Change My Address For USCG Vessel Documentation?

You’re allowed to change your address you registered for your vessel documentation. If you just changed your address recently, you must notify the USCG Documentation Center. You may call or email them. You can also notify USCG Documentation, Inc about your change of address when you renew your certificate of documentation. To do so, you must add a note to your renewal notice before returning your application.

USCG Vessel Documentation

How to change your address?

The easiest way is to fill out their Change of Address form. At USCG Documentation Center, you will need to provide your vessel name and official number. You must also indicate whether you have a new physical address or mailing address. It’s vital to notice the USCG Documentation about the change of your address. In this way, your certificate will be delivered to the new address each time you renew the documentation. The notification will ensure that you receive the letters from the US Coast Guard.Although you can choose to mail your change of address notification to the US Coast Guard, the easiest way is through an online portal. Because email isn’t subject to any delays, the government agency will receive it promptly.


When you choose the services of, you can be sure that you meet all the requirements of the US Coast Guard. The reason for this is that the company reviews your requirements before submitting it. In this way, your application will be processed faster. If you choose our service when you need to change your new address, there’s no need for you to return your original certificate of boat documentation. As mentioned earlier, you just need to submit your boat’s name and its official name. Doing so will help the US Documentation Center in changing your address properly in the database. The process can take easily if you choose the online portal of The overall processing can take up to a week. If you wish to avoid delays, you must enter the right name of your vessel and its official number.


You can notify the US Coast Guard of changes in your address anytime. But you can also wait to tell them when it’s time for you to renew your certificate. In this way, you’ll process everything at once. Then again, if the renewal time is still months away, you must consider processing it as soon as possible. Check out their Change of Address form to find out how you can notify the US Coast Guard of your change of address.