DMV Services in Los Angeles

Can I Get Faster DMV Services in Los Angeles?

The DMV has a notorious reputation for being very slow. It is a reputation that is mostly deserved, with the exception of a few “Good eggs” who try to hurry things along. The reason why the DMV is so slow is that they are a government agency with no profit motivation. McDonald’s is fast because they know you can go to Burger King if they go too slow, but the DMV know they are going to receive taxpayer money if they go fast or slow. They may receive complaints, but they are not going out of business, so they don’t really care. But, what can you do? Is there a way of getting your forms and registrations done quicker or more conveniently? Can you get faster DMV Services in Los Angeles?

There Are Several Ways to Make Things More Convenient

The “American” way is to use the money to fix your problem. This can be done in several ways, from paying somebody else to go down to the DMV and do all the hard work for you, to bribing the DMV official to do your stuff first and quickly.

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