Best Sun Tanning Oil

Can You Get Really Dark Tan with the Best Sun Tanning Oil?

Tanning is a popular summer pastime. There are thousands of products that can promote a darker tan. But can the best sun tanning oil give you a darker tan? 


Best Sun Tanning Oil – How It Works 

Generally, a suntan oil attracts and focuses the UV rays of the sun onto the skin. Even though the skin gets more than UV exposure if you live in Arizona, the properties of the sun tanning oil can speed up the process. 




It intensifies the rays. It means that it makes you get tanned skin faster. 


When the UV rays penetrate your skin, they hasten the production of melanin. 


Melanin gives your skin color. The lower the melanin in your skin, the lighter your skin will be. But if there’s a high presence of this pigment in your skin, you get darker skin. 


The best sun tanning oil can give you a bronze appearance. It has a tanning ingredient that can accelerate the process. 


You may find a tanning oil that comes with dihydroxyacetone (DHA) that reacts with the amino acids on your skin. The reaction produces the bronze color effect. 


But that effect wears off when the skin layer peels off. 


Does the Sun Tanning Oil Contain Moisturizer? 

The best sun tanning oil has moisturizing ingredients. Keep in mind that exposing yourself to the sun can quickly dehydrate your skin. 


Thus, adding a moisturizer to the mixture won’t only protect your skin but also seals in moisture.


How Safe is Sun Tanning Oil? 

It depends on the product you are using. Some tanning oils have SPF protection. But some oils don’t have sufficient barriers against harmful UV radiation. 


Keep in mind that if you don’t have enough protection, your skin is fully exposed to UV rays, which can be damaging to the skin cells. They can mutate to cancerous cells. 


If you want to use tanning oil, you must limit your time in the sun. 


What Sun Tanning Oil to Use? 

Opt for an oil that has natural ingredients, which nourish your skin. These ingredients are useful in giving you a tan color quicker. They can also lengthen your tan glow. 


Arizona sun tanning oil contains natural ingredients that are known to keep your skin smooth and hydrated. They have antioxidants that can also help in fighting against the signs of aging. 


How you apply this oil can make a difference to your skin. 


When applying this oil to your skin, make sure that you are pouring the desired amount into your hands. Spread it evenly across your body that you wish to get tanned. 


You may apply it to your face but you must rub the oil gently. You must use this oil on your entire body. In that way, you can avoid having an uneven tan complexion. 

Best Sun Tanning Oil

Where to buy the best sun tanning oil? 

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