Hillquest Security

Creating Security Plan for Your School

Planning school security can be complex. You can’t do it alone. Rather, you need an expert in security to provide a layered program to address any potential emergency situation. Let our Hillquest Security team help you out.

Prevention Program of Hillquest Security

Just like protecting yourself against any disease, the best protection you can provide for your school is prevention. Prevention is a vital step in any safety protocol. As you discover vulnerabilities early on, you can reduce emergencies you need to respond to in the future. But how should you start the prevention phase?


You won’t know your school’s weaknesses if you don’t assess and conduct an evaluation. As you evaluate the school’s premises, you can take note of the issues and categorize them according to how vulnerable they are. Doing so will help you allocate your resources properly. This is vital especially if your school is tight on budget.

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