a breast enhacement surgery in los angeles

Deciding to Receive a Breast Augmentation in Los Angeles

Cosmetic surgery for breast enhancement is one of the most popular reasons to talk to a plastic surgeon. Augmenting the breast tissue through the use of implants is a very common choice for young women who feel that they don’t have large enough breasts to be attractive, and it can also be a choice for women who have breasts that have grown unevenly so that one is obviously larger than the other. Whatever your reasons for choosing breast augmentation in Los Angeles, Dr. Rojas should be your first choice for cosmetic surgery.

Reasons to Choose Breast Augmentation

There are several reasons why women choose to have breast augmentation in Los Angeles, and they will choose patients based on their need, and whether they meet their criteria. The most obvious is to boost the contour of the chest, increasing bust size over all. Others choose to have breast augmentation after pregnancy, or in the aftermath of surgery. Reconstructive surgery can help a woman to feel attractive again, and to return her to her natural shape. They also perform breast augmentation operations to replace pre-existing implants, as this is a necessary surgery after a certain number of years.

a breast enhacement surgery in los angeles

What Does Breast Augmentation Involve?

In order to decide whether you really want to have breast augmentation surgery, it is important that you understand what this involves. The most important thing that you need to know is that augmentation involves the use of breast implants, packs of saline or silicone gels. The implant is inserted underneath the tissue of the breast, and may be used alongside a breast lift, where excess flesh in the breast is removed, in order to create the ideal breast shape.  Dr. Rojas tries to reduce the appearance of scars by positioning the surgery in discrete locations, including beneath the breast or in the armpit. This helps to limit obvious scarring on the breasts.

Getting the Perfect Look

If you want to change the appearance of your bust, then choosing breast augmentation in Los Angeles can be the perfect option. Dr. Rojas is an experienced cosmetic surgeon who can provide you with the best breast surgery in Los Angeles. To find out what he can do for you, contact him today on 310-870-1224, or email him. His team will be happy to arrange a consultation appointment for you at their office.