Luxury Kitchen Tiles

Finding the Right Kitchen Tiles for Your Cookhouse

Tiles have come a long way. They are the most commonly used items to cover walls and flooring. Tiles can provide you with different patterns, colors, and finishes. Installing luxury kitchen tiles is easy. With the right installers, wastage can be prevented. But what are the tiles ideal for your kitchen? Here are some options to choose from.

Ceramic Luxury Kitchen Tiles

They are the most commonly used for kitchen and bathroom flooring. The reason for this is that ceramic tiles have a low moisture absorption rate. With that in mind, they are ideal for areas in your house that experience high moisture. When you shop for ceramic tiles, you can see the tiles’ coefficient of friction rating. The higher the rating, the lower the risk of slippage on the tile.


These tiles are typically the common choice for walls. They have high humidity resistance. Because of that, they are appropriate for kitchen installation. However, you may stay away from tiles with Porcelain Enamel institute ratings of I and II. These with these ratings are not robust enough to withstand footfall.

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