get guidance from Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni

Get Guidance from Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni

The modern world can often leave people feeling very lonely, and searching for help to find the right path. Many turn to gangs and criminal activity in order to feel part of a society, and to be shown what to do. If you looking to get guidance from Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni, pastor at the Victory Outreach Mission can be the one to guide you and show you how to improve your life and recover your faith in the Lord.

Our Mission Includes Everyone

You may have already tried to find solace through your faith, then you may have been disillusioned by a lack of care and guidance for people in your position. At Victory Outreach, we believe that the word of God extends hope and redemption to all who turned towards him, and this means that we have a place in our mission for all, regardless of your past, or how far away you feel from God’s love and the righteous path. Don’t despair over your previous life, and instead look forward to a future surrounded by people willing to love and support you on your journey towards righteousness.

get guidance from Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni

Be Your Own Change

We believe that it is important to find your own strength by understanding the power that God has given you to move towards that righteous path. By taking steps towards him, you can change your life, and be a better person. By reveling in the word of the Lord, you can restart your life and discover a new way to live. We have designed our ministry to help people like you, and to bring you together with people who have faced similar life choices in order to show you how you can start your life again.

Getting Guidance from the Best

We are there for everyone who wants to discover the word of God, and how he can show you the righteous path. When you get guidance from Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni, you can start your life again. To find out more about how we can work with you to be the change you need in your life, read the information pages we have here in our website, or talk to one of the mission by calling (909) 599-4437 now. You can discover a way out of your former life with help and advice from our team at Victory Outreach.