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Get Timeless Fashion From Susan Beverly

Some styles and designs are timeless, and the work of Susanna Chung Forest has made a big impression on the fashion world. She first opened her own small Haute Couture fashion business in the center of Beverly Hills. The driving force behind many modern outfits worn by prominent women. Susanna has made a name for herself as a designer for women who like to dress for success. As well as achieve more while still being fashionable and elegant. When you are looking for elegant clothes and a timeless style, Susan Beverly is the perfect starting place.

A Starting Point for Fashion

Susanna came to the US when she was a young girl and worked hard to study and educate herself. All the time believing that she would create her own fashion design label and become a famous designer. Although she had to work hard, at one point she was living in her car. In 1976 she took a big step towards making that dream a reality. She founded her haute couture label in Beverly Hills. Throughout the 80s, she was well known within the TV and movie industry for costumes and design, including “Dynasty,” “Moonlighting” and “Basic Instinct.”

susan beverly



The Modern Susanna Beverly Hills

In the modern era, Susanna Beverly Hills is a very popular fashion line among women. She is now known for her luxury brands, worn by entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 members, and CEOs, amongst others. A number of customers come to Susanna Beverly Hills via husbands. Recommending them after seeing other women wearing these highly desirable clothes. The Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, Judge Judy, Carol Burnett, and Barbara Streisand are among some of the names who use Susanna’s label as their inspiration. She has also recently designed for the Ford Motor Company. Her work has revolutionized style and clothing of career women and continued to make a big impression to this day.

Join In and Dress For Success

If you are looking for a way to express yourself in business, and want to look professional and stylish, then Susan Beverly Hills is a perfect choice. The label can provide you with a variety of clothing for every occasion, from the working day to cocktail parties and business events. To discover the clothing that will help you dress for success, you should reach out to Susanna Beverly Hills today by calling (310) 276-7510 today.