Grief Counseling in Los Angeles

Dealing with Loss with Grief Counseling in Los Angeles

The loss of a loved one can be one of the most physically and psychologically devastating experiences of your life. Even if you think you can cope with the loss well, you may find that over time you have trouble dealing with your emotions and feel overcome by the loss more than you thought you would. Dealing with grief and loss is something that can isolate you, make you feel alone and prevent you from functioning in your daily life. To help you face the healing process and work through your loss, grief counseling in Los Angeles with the help of Dr. Yvonne Thomas, may be the best solution for you.

Expressing Your Emotions

So many of us keep our emotions bottled up inside today because we were raised to think this way and feel it is how you are supposed to face adversity and loss. The problem becomes that grief and loss can be so overwhelming to us as individuals that the emotions we keep inside can be completely disruptive to how you think and feel each day. You need to have some outlet to get your emotions out, whether it is the sadness you feel from the loss, the frustration or anger at a loved one that is common after a loss, or any other emotions you may feel that you want to express. Proper counseling from one of the best psychologists in Los Angeles allows you an outlet for your emotions so you can start to take steps to heal properly.Grief Counseling in Los Angeles

Learning the Coping Tools

When you come to me, Dr. Yvonne Thomas, for grief counseling in Los Angeles, I will work closely with you so that you can learn and develop the tools necessary to help you deal with your emotions and cope with grief. The strategies we will discuss in our sessions will be those that will work best for you as an individual and your situation and can provide you with the best avenues to express your emotions and begin the healing process. Through our sessions, you will learn to accept your loss better so that you can continue to live a productive life.

Schedule an Appointment

To learn more about the services that Dr. Yvonne Thomas can provide you with grief counseling in Los Angeles, please take the time to visit her website at You can find out more about her practice and how you can arrange for a free initial consultation on the phone to discuss your grief. You can also call the office at 310-359-9450 to schedule an appointment so you may begin sessions and start your healing process.