how to consume shilajit

How to Consume Shilajit

More people today are looking for better, safer, and more effective ways to achieve good health and boost their body’s natural abilities and immune system. Too many people have discovered the side effects of taking prescription medications or over-the-counter remedies that are filled with synthetics and chemicals that can cause you more harm than the good they can do. This attitude has had many people turning away from modern medicine and looking at more ancient, traditional methods to improve their wellness. The interest in shilajit, a natural health supplement found in the mountains of Central Asia, has grown exponentially in recent years. Learning how to consume shilajit is important so that you can use it properly, have your body adapt well to it, and get the maximum benefits.

Understanding about Shilajit

For those that may not be very familiar with shilajit, it is a resin, commonly referred to as a mineral pitch, that has been used for hundreds of years by people around the world. The best sources of shilajit have been found to exist in Central Asia and Siberia in the mountain regions since this creates the ideal atmosphere and climate for the substance to thrive. The untouched environment here makes the black, gooey substance free of toxins and pollutants so that you can get the purest form.

how to consume shilajit


Consuming Shilajit

To get the most benefits from shilajit, it is important that you know how to consume shilajit properly. While some people may feel immediate benefits from taking it, others may find it can take weeks for the body to adapt properly and benefit from it. Because of the nature of the substance, most people do not find it pleasant to take by as it is. Instead, it is recommended that you combine a small dosage to start with, about the size of a grain of rice, and combine it with herbal tea, hot milk, honey or spring water. You can then gradually work up to a larger dose, about the size of a pea, as your body tolerates it.

Getting Quality Shilajit

Once you start the proper way of how to consume shilajit, you will be able to see how it can help your energy, immune system and overall health improve. If you are looking for a quality source for pure shilajit, you will find high quality available from us here at Sayan. You can place your order here on our website and have it delivered right to your home so that you can start using one of nature’s wonder supplements.