register a boat in Canada

How to Delete Your Canada Boat Registration

Registering your boat with the Canadian Register of Vessel is an important part of your vessel ownership. However, there will be plenty of different instances in which you might need to delete the registration of the boat. If you need to delete your Canada boat registration, it’s not as easy as, say canceling your cable. However, it’s not that difficult either. All you need is the right guide to do it. Allow our website to help you take care of it.

Why Get a Certificate of Deletion?

A certificate of deletion allows you to delete your vessel’s registration from the Canadian Register of Vessels. The vessel owner, or an authorized agent who is acting on their behalf, can apply for the deletion of the Canada boat registration with the help of our website. In fact, all you need to do is head over to the form on our registry tab and fill out the deletion form. You might be wondering when this form might come in useful. When would you need to get rid of the whole thing? Here are two of the most common cases in which people might need this specific certificate.


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