Barbecue Pellet

Is Barbecue Pellet Flavored for Grilling or Smoking?

Barbecue pellet is not created equal. Some pellets have additives. Others are created using basswood blends. The latter option is perfected by well-experienced craftsmen over the years. The mixture allows the flavors and aroma of the wood to shine while still offering consistent burn performance.

Adding a Significant Flavor Boost Using Barbecue Pellet

The pellet you use can add flavor to the meat or seafood you’re cooking. However, the flavor depends on the pellet. For instance, if you’re using an almond wood pellet, this will bring out the sweetness in pork or chicken. But, as mentioned, choose pellets with no additives and binders. Instead, opt for pure hardwood to get that mouthwatering flavor you’re looking for.

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