Mini Shot Belt

Mini Bottles to Meet Your Needs

Have you been looking for something to make your special event that much more special? Does it seem like every party or event you throw is always the same old same old? We can help. Yes, our company is called “Mini Shot Belt,” but we offer so much more than just those belts. Specifically, we also offer mini bottles, too. They can be a hit at any party or gathering (even if you don’t have the belt!)

The Mini Bottles We Offer 

We wanted to make sure that our bottles could be appropriate for just about any kind of party. So, we designed a bottle to fit any kind of party. To that end, you can find bottles that display diamonds, pearls, and even buttons. Beyond that, we also have plenty of “plain” bottles that have lids of different colors, such as white, black, and gold. We even offer a christening cross for those very, very special get-togethers, too. Here at Mini Shot Belt, you can find a bottle to meet your needs. 

Making Your Bottles Yours 

The above are just some of the kinds of bottles that we offer. Perhaps our most popular kind of bottles is the customized ones. When we say “customized,” we mean it. These bottles can be made to look exactly what you want them to. So many of our customers buy them in bulk for weddings and put wedding pictures on the bottles. But, they’re perfect for birthdays, reunions, or any kind of get-together where you want to commemorate it with a souvenir unlike anything else. These customized bottles can be lasting memories of some of the best times of our lives. 


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