model headshots

Model Headshots in Los Angeles

I’m sure in a big city like Los Angeles, photographers are crawling everywhere. But, not every photographer is great at shooting headshots for models. Rafael at the Light Committee specializes in headshots in Los Angeles, specifically for models, actors, and business professionals. He tries to deliver a premium headshot session that is unlike anywhere else. His portfolio shows his photography abilities through many of his past clients. 

model headshots

Model Headshots

All models know that when they submit applications to modeling agencies, they must have headshots and body shots. However, the headshot is generally the most important. As the first photo the modeling agency looks at, the headshot must captivate and be professional.

Rafael will retouch your photo to remove any blemishes or pimples. Not only that but Rafael will help your photos go above and beyond what a home selfie or photo using a smartphone can do. His camera will shoot high resolution photos that are combined with carefully selected gradient backgrounds. 

Even though professional photographers who specialize in headshots will be the best choices among the vast ocean of photographers, some other factors will also affect the outcome of the headshots. Models should prepare for the shoot by perfecting their hair, make-up, and outfit.          

If you are looking for a professional photographer for model headshots, Rafael is the go-to resource. You can fill out an inquiry form or call (818) 300-9434 for more information.