Non Woven Material Suppliers

Non Woven Suppliers That Continue to Innovate and Provide Unique Solutions at Affordable Rates

Non-wovens are a very popular fabric. Thanks to their low cost, lightweight, and durability. This fabric doesn’t need spinning weaving. But this fabric’s durability will depend on who makes it. In that case, when companies need superior quality non-wovens, they go to reputable non-woven material suppliers. This will ensure that they will only get high-quality fabrics that can help them create superior products that their clients will love. 

Finding Non-Woven Material Suppliers in California 

One of the biggest challenges of various industries that rely on non-wovens is to find the right supplier. Sure, there are many manufacturers of non-wovens in California. A quick Google search will give hundreds of results. However, not all of these manufacturers of non-wovens can provide superior products and high-quality services. If they do offer excellent products, they typically overcharge their clients. 

Why does the Pacific Upholstery Supply Stand Out? 

It has the necessary experience to guarantee clients will get superior quality non-wovens. The company has been providing its customers with non-wovens, wovens, textiles, and other unique solutions for 70 years. Only a few fabric suppliers could surpass such a track record. Furthermore, all of its products can be used in all kinds of applications. Its products have been used by different industries. From companies that manufacture fluid/air filtration to companies that make bedding, roofing, and in the food processing business. If a company needs non-wovens, Pacific can supply them. 

Creation of Different Non-Wovens 

The non-woven required by the company that makes bedding or mattress is different from the non-woven that creates air and fluid filtration or a company that uses it for roofing. Pacific Upholstery Supply produces non-wovens for clients depending on the application. With its 70 years of experience in the industry, Pacific knows how to produce non-wovens best for upholstery, erosion control, landscape, and so on. In other words, the company offers unique materials and solutions to ensure they fit into the project of the client. Thus, industries that need non-wovens can find the following non-wovens at Pacific. 

  • Spunbond polypropylene
  • Spunbond polyester
  • Flatbond polyester
  • Needlepunch propylene 
  • Needelepunch propylene
  • Stitchbond polyester 

If the non-woven is not listed here, talk to the experts at Pacific. It can likely produce it. And to make the job of the company a lot easier, Pacific offers value-added services, including the following: 

  • Perforated longest on rolls
  • Sheeting or paneling
  • Sewing
  • UV and hydrophilic treatments
  • FR treatments 

Affordable Rates 

Pacific Upholstery Supply has been around for decades. It doesn’t cut corners. Thus, clients are guaranteed to get the best results they desire. Plus, they don’t need to spend more on raw materials because Pacific offers its products at reasonable rates. With high-quality materials at affordable prices, there’s no doubt that Pacific is one of the few non-woven material suppliers that various industries trust. To know more about its other products and services, call: (323) 321-2222.