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How Often Should You See Your Hollywood Dentist?

Growing up, going to the dentist was either an enjoyable experience or all around stressful. It’s not hard to develop a fear of returning to the dentist, as they seem to have a knack for finding the most sensitive spots. Most dentistry offices recommend you visit for teeth cleaning at least twice a year. Over time you develop thick bacteria and plaque in your teeth, some of which can only be removed through professional cleaning tools. When you see your, he will probably tell you to keep up with three things; brushing, flossing, and tongue scraping. All three in conjunction with each other will help to keep your teeth as clean as possible and your breath fresh.Hollywood dentist


Tips and Tricks For a Clean, White Smile

Dr. Mobasser, a top notch Hollywood dentist, still recommends you to carry out your teeth cleaning routine at least twice a day. If you prefer three times, only remember to be sensitive. Brushing and flossing too hard too often can actually cause more sensitivity and irritation in your mouth. Being cognizant of your mouth, and gentle with your routine, will have your mouth and gums thanking you. If you are reaching for more holistic ways to add to your routine, throw in some daily coconut oil pulling. It’s recommended to swish for at least 15 minutes, twice a day. And never swallow the oil, because then you would actually be swallowing the toxins you just pulled from your teeth and gums.

Water Water Water

After all is said and done, drinking plenty of water keeps your saliva production consistent and your breath fresh. It is noticeable that those who opt for sugary drinks, acidic drinks, and sweetened juice have don’t have as fresh of breath as those who stick to a lot of water. Everything in your body is in conversation with itself, which means what you put in your body will show through your skin, eyes and even your teeth. While it’s easy to develop bad habits, it is just as easy to delop habits which can counteract.

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