Protect Your Special Event with HillQuest Security

Businesses and corporations regularly schedule special events throughout the year that act as promotions for the business. Here in California, this is very prevalent in the movie and entertainment industry. You may have a premiere, award ceremony, movie festival, concert or charitable event where you have dignitaries, celebrities, and high-powered business executives all getting together in one location for a night or several days. When you are organizing an event of this nature, security needs to be a primary concern. You need to make sure the environment is safe for all in attendance, including the public that may be out in force to view everyone. The best way for you to protect your special event is to hire HillQuest Security and their bodyguards and security patrol services.

A Well-Trained Team On-Site

HillQuest believes it is of critical importance for you to have a well-trained team of professionals on-site for your event to make sure everything goes off without a problem. At HillQuest Security, they will provide you with professional guards and officers that have the experience you want working for you. They hire off-duty and professional law enforcement personnel to work for them so that you know they have the background and experience you need. Your security will be highly aware and ready to react at a moment’s notice if needed for any reason.

HillQuest Security
Using the Best Surveillance Methods

Their private security company in Glendale makes use of the best surveillance methods for every job they take. Their staff is trained to use the best technology available for surveillance so that they can watch important areas and readily communicate and act when trouble arises. Any situation, large or small, is monitored and reported so that they can make sure they react appropriately and so that trouble can be snuffed out before it even has the chance to begin.

Make Arrangements with HillQuest Security

If you are looking for a private security company to use for your next special event, make sure you call HillQuest Security and Patrol. You can find out more about the services they offer and their experience when you go to their website at You can also give their office a call at 1(800) 893-9646 to arrange an appointment so they can meet with you, evaluate your event and provide you with the best security options to keep your event safe and secure.