read the sonny arguinzoni testimony

Read The Sonny Arguinzoni Testimony To Understand Our Mission

You may believe that you are in the worst of circumstances and that there is no opportunity for you to change your life and become a better person. The years stretch out in front of you, offering nothing but darkness and sin, and each step seems to take you further away from the righteous path. If you are in this position, then read the Sonny Arguinzoni testimony pages to give you the inspiration you need to start to see the potential in your life, and make changes.

How Sonny Has Transformed His Life

The secret to our mission, and to your hope of recovery, is the way that Sonny has changed his life around. Like most people in his mission, Sonny was not born with privilege or hope. He quickly became involved with local gangs, and then became addicted to drugs. This was a common path for many people in his community, and made it hard for Sonny to escape – he was surrounded by others just like him but without hope. He discovered the Lord, and his faith allowed him to see a way out of his situation, a path that he could forge and which would help others in his situation.

read the sonny arguinzoni testimony

Read the Sonny Arguinzoni Testimony Of Hope

You can read many stories by those who have walked behind Sonny, following in his footsteps and making changes to their own lives. Once Sonny had accepted God, and made the necessary changes to his own life, he started to help those around him and founded the Victory Outreach mission to become a beacon for those who needed assistance. We serve those who need our help, including drug addicts, gang members and those who live and work on the street.

Create Your Own Path

Read the Sonny Arguinzoni testimony pages will not only give you an insight into how our mission was started, but how you can change your own life, and become one with God. We have worked hard to become a beacon for those who are lost in the wilderness and don’t know how to find the righteous path. We believe in offering hope to those looking to change their lives, and you can start to create your own path towards God by becoming a member of our mission. Just call (909) 599-4437 to speak to us and you will not regret this first step.