relationship counseling in los angeles

How Relationship Counseling In Los Angeles Can Improve Your Communication

We all need healthy relationships in our lives, from our colleagues or school friends to families and romantic partnerships. When these relationships are positive, they can be good for our health. Studies have demonstrated that having good relationships allows you to better manage stress levels, gives you a greater sense of self-worth, and may even extend your life. Because positivity in your intimate interactions is so important when you are struggling it is important to consider the benefits that relationship counseling in Los Angeles can have upon your life and the life of those around you.

Signs You May Benefit From Therapy

There are several ways in which relationships can become troubled. For example, you may feel as though you are at war with your partner, with each day punctuated by a series of conflicts. Alternatively, you may feel as though you aren’t listened to or understood which can undermine you and make you feel less valued by your partner. There may also be emotional or sexual conflict within the relationship that cannot be resolved between yourselves. What this means is that you cannot come to an agreement in private discussion, and may need the assistance of somebody else to provide a resolution to relationship problems.

relationship counseling in los angeles

Using Talk Therapy to Develop Your Relationship

You may benefit from the use of talking therapy to improve your relationship, both individually and together. Interpersonal therapy may help you to negotiate the difficult choices that you make in your relationship and how these may be linked to different moods. Analytic therapy may assist you in discovering patterns of relationship-forming that have characterized your entire life. You may also want to consider longer-term therapies that include couples counseling and family therapy. These therapies can help you to deal with bigger issues in your personal relationships.

Put Your Trust in an Experienced Therapist

If you are looking for a relationship therapist that you can trust to help you work through your differences as a couple, then you should speak to Yvonne Thomas Ph.D., an experienced therapist, and psychologist providing Relationship counseling sessions in Los Angeles. For just $125, you could have as many as four couples or family sessions of 75 minutes each, helping you to come together as a couple to resolve your problems. To start your therapy sessions as soon as possible, and for a free consultation, call 310-359-9450 today.