Aftermarket Mustang wheels

Save Money When You Buy Aftermarket Mustang Wheels

Aftermarket Mustang wheels are cheaper than stocks. It is one of the reasons many Mustang owners are opting for them. They want to save money. These Mustang wheels will not make you break the bank. But they all depend on the manufacturer and the alloy being used to make them. The prices will depend on the size and the specs of the wheels as well. Project 6GR offers many Mustang wheels in different finishes, from red to pink to black. Plus, the wheels have timeless designs that every client would drool over. The wheels are not that expensive but they are of excellent quality. The looks? They are all perfect.

rims for mustang


Another reason that car owners opt for aftermarket Mustang wheels is performance. Project 6GR wheels are lightweight. That’s why you can use them in many Motorsports. Having lighter wheels will reduce unsprung weight. As a result, it offers quicker acceleration and better handling.

Furthermore, the size of the wheels is better than stocks. Having a bigger wheel will give space for larger brake rotors and calipers.

If your car is built to race, you got to have these wheels. But you need to use low-profile rubber that has less sidewall flex. Opting for aftermarket Mustang wheels is just a matter of preference. However, the engineering there is superb. You will appreciate them better if you are interested in rally cars.

What Size to Use?

It depends on your car. But you should consider opting for period-correct design and size. In other words, do not go for too big wheels. Keep in mind that a huge wheel tends to be heavier. Do not choose thin tires, either, as they are prone to damage, especially if you are driving frequently on horrible road conditions. 

At Project 6GR, you will find super fresh sets of wheels. The aftermarket wheels there are excellent and they offer lifetime structural defect warranty. Plus, the wheels are JWL and VIA certified so you can be sure of their quality. They are also compatible with OEM TPMs sensors.

There are a lot of options at Project 6GR. Your choice will depend on your preference. Opting for aftermarket Mustang wheels will vary depending on how you wish to personalize your ride. Whatever you choose, it must suit your requirements.
If you need help in choosing the right , contact the Project 6GR team through their toll-free number (888) 714-7467.