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Talk to a Dentist Online About Gum Swelling

Anyone who has dealt with gum pain or swelling knows that it can be quite uncomfortable. In fact, it can be almost incapacitating. The best way to deal with this is to talk to a dentist online so that you know what’s going on. However, in the meantime, here are some ways you can deal with your gum pain.

Cold and Hot Compresses

If you are dealing with pain in your gums is by applying either hot or cold compresses in order to relieve your pain. For a cold compress, use an ice pack that is wrapped in a clean cloth and apply it on your face, properly placing it around the area where you are struggling with the gum pain. Now, for a hot compress, you can heat up water without bringing it up to a boil, for it needs to be hot enough for you to tolerate it. Then grab a clean cloth and soak it in the water, squeeze off the excess water, and apply it just like the cold compress. Try alternating the hot and the cold compresses until the swelling and the pain go down.

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Salt Water Rinsing

A very good way to relieve pain in your gums will be to rinse your mouth with salt water. The salt in the water can not only prevent the growth of bacteria, but it can also get rid of any that might already be there. In order to do this, warm up a cup of water, but make sure that it isn’t boiling. Then add one teaspoon of salt to it, swish the salt water in your mouth, and rinse well for a few seconds. Finally, spit out into the sink and make sure you don’t swallow any of it. Do this at least twice a day to make sure to really address the issue. If the swelling and pain continue, try to talk to a dentist online about it.

Tea Remedies

Another good way to address gum swelling is to use tea for pain relief. To do this, soak a tea ba in boiling water for five minutes to let it seep. Then, allow the bag to cool off for a few minutes so that it’s not burning hot, and then apply it to the swelled up area. You need to pick the right tea, though, preferably one that has astringent properties. This means green tea, black tea, or even hibiscus tea. It’s particularly helpful if you get a tea that also has anti-inflammatory properties, such as ginger or chamomile. Tea tree oil is also known for having antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, so you can mix in a few drops in a glass of water to use as regular mouthwash.

Talk to a Dentist Online

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