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High Priestess: The Temple of Tattoos in Oregon

Have you been looking for piercings and tattoos in Oregon from someone you can trust? Instead of going to one place for piercings and then another for fine body jewelry, do you want somewhere that can handle it all for you? That’s what you’ll find at High Priestess Campus in Eugene, Oregon. Staffed by exceptionally talented and experienced professionals, this is the place to go for tattoos and piercings. “Campus” truly is the right word here, as it’s a welcoming, supportive environment where all can feel welcome. 

Piercings and Tattoos in Oregon Today 

Have you thought about getting a tattoo somewhere else, only to find that you would have to wait to do so? At High Priestess, they believe that if you want a tattoo, you should be able to get a tattoo – not have to schedule some appointment far into the future. To that end, Best Studios Ever currently have five tattoo artists on staff who still have same-day availability for tattoos. That way, (depending on when you’re reading this, obviously) you could call them up today and have a tattoo by the end of the day. Best Studios Ever believes that you should have the freedom to make your body look how you want when you want. 

Part of the Community 

Best Studios Ever knows that when it comes to the Eugene, Oregon area, you have no shortage of tattoo artists and piercings professionals to choose from. So many of their professionals, however, are born and raised in Eugene. They are part of the community, many of them have been so for their entire lives. That’s why Best Studios Ever is always looking to give more back. For example, you may have seen that they offered free tattoos and piercings to anyone going to the 2021 games in Tokyo. It’s one more way that they can give back to the community they’re proud to be a part of. 

Professional Artists for Professional Work 

tattoos in Oregon

Do you know exactly what you want your tattoos and piercings to be? Or, do you think it would be great to get a tattoo and/or a piercing (or tattoos and/or piercings) but aren’t entirely sure what you want? This is one more area where their years of experience come in. You can reach out to their staff, talk to an artist, and find out exactly what’s the best fit for you and your needs. They can walk you through the available options so that you can find something that’s just perfect. For more ideas, you can check out their Instagram. 

High Priestess 

Best Studios Ever is quite proud of their same-day service, but they also understand that folks work busy hours, and it isn’t always that easy to fit “getting a tattoo/piercing” into the schedule. To that end, they’ve made their schedule so that it can fit more people. Their hours are from Sunday to Tuesday, noon to eight PM, and from Wednesday through Saturday from 11 AM to 9 PM. To talk to their artists and schedule an appointment, call (541) 343-3311.