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Positive Self Image and Teen Counseling in Los Angeles

Helping Teens Develop a Positive Self-Image

Being a teenager is the stage that happens between the ages of 13 and 19 when children have grown into adults. This period can be both disorientating and exhilarating. Teens have to face issues of independence and self-identity. They have to take difficult decisions for their future at an early age. With the advent of streamlining in the educational system, teens also have to choose their career by the time they get to High School. Consider becoming involved in teen counseling in Los Angeles, oftentimes becoming a part of communicative groups help for development and self esteem.

 Teen Counseling in Los Angeles

Teenagers and the Problems they Face in Growing Age

Many teens deal with insecurity in their daily lives while facing future job insecurity as well as serious global problems. Teens, especially girls are subjected to a serious amount of peer pressure concerning their friendships, how they dress and their body image.

Young girls have to deal the images of their bodies that the social media expect them to live up to. They are compared with each other and are expected to live up to standards that are imposed on them. A teenager goes through multiple bodily changes and yet they are still expected to have a perfect body. This can seriously affect a teenager’s self-esteem right when they need it most for their journey towards adulthood.

The ‘Way Out’ for Teenagers – Praise and Effective Communication

For a teen to grow into a healthy and successful adult, their self-esteem is of vital importance. Self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves, and it affects our behavior. Teen counseling in Los Angeles can help advise on how you can help contribute to your teen’s self-esteem.

Effective communication is at the basis of a healthy relationship between you and your daughter. When you feel good about her, then tell her. A lot of the time parents save their communications for criticizing and forget the praise. Positive statements and praise will reinforce a child’s self-esteem. Praise works better if it is generous and specific. Tell your child what they did well and why you are praising them. You can also praise them in front of other people so that the message is reinforced.

It also helps to praise positive aspects of their character. Teen Counseling Los Angeles advises that you can praise their kindness or their perseverance, or the fact that they’ve managed to get stuck into a difficult homework assignment without losing their temper.

Further, a teen deserves praise when they, act independently, assume responsibility, attempt new tasks and challenges and handle their emotions well. These are all aspects of good self-esteem, and your praise will positively reinforce this. Your child should be proud of their accomplishments.

Many young girls may compare their own appearances to those of celebrities, models and even unrealistic animated TV characters. This kind of comparison can lead to body shame and low body esteem. It is so easy for a girl to succumb to negative self-talk about her body image leading to depression and anxiety. A teen needs to learn positive self-statements and mental pictures. This will help her develop her self-esteem and establish a positive self-image.

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