Los Angeles pawn shop

The Amazing Things You Might Stumble Across in a Los Angeles Pawn Shop

If you consider yourself something of a bargain and treasure hunter, but have never been to a Los Angeles pawn shop, then what have you been doing for all this time? Sure, yard sales and online auction sites are handy for picking up items every now and then, but the stuff that can be found in pawn shops is way more varied and interesting, and sometimes surprising! Any true treasure hunter will know that there are things you can find in pawn shops that you probably can’t find anywhere else, and this list showcases just that! Here are some of the most amazing historical objects that have been found in pawn shops.

The First Ever Latin American Nobel Peace Prize

In 1936, Argentina’s Carlos Saavedra Lamas was the first Latin American person to ever be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. His medal had long been considered lost before it was unearthed in a South American pawn shop! It had a gold value of around $9000 at the time, but we all know that the historical worth of the item was far more than that, so thankfully the medal was not melted down!


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