vapor tight lights

The Number 1 Benefit of Using Vapor Tight Lights

Not all lighting fixtures are equal. A lighting fixture can be perfect in one area but not necessarily elsewhere. Some areas may need fixtures that can withstand wet, humid, or dusty environments. A swimming pool, for example, requires vapor tight lights. But what does vapor-tight mean? What are its benefits? Find out more when you continue reading.

What are Vapor Tight Lights and When to Use Them? 

These lights are rugged. Thus, they are ideal for industrial and commercial applications. For instance, if you’re in the food process business, the use of vapor tight lights can be beneficial because they are easy to clean. Vapor tight lighting is an ideal option for virtually any area that experiences excessive moisture.

What is the Number 1 Benefit of Using LED Vapor Tight Light Fixture? 

The main benefit of using this type of fixture is energy savings. A 4-foot LED fixture has a wattage that ranges from 12 watts to 55 watts. When you consider that number, you can get a significant reduction in your energy consumption, compared to fluorescent vapor tight lighting.

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