Twill Fabric

The Use of Twill Fabric in Bedsheets and Mattress

Many bedsheets and mattresses now are made of twill fabric. Companies that construct mattresses choose this fabric with high thread counts to make cozy mattresses. Most manufacturers choose cotton twill to ensure that they can make the most comfortable mattress for their clients. But before they can do so, they need to source the fabric and materials to be used in the construction.

Finding the Right Twill Fabric Supplier

This fabric is made in various forms and thread counts. And it’s also produced around the world. But the biggest exporter in China. However, many mattress makers in the US are now choosing to obtain this fabric from a supplier based in the country. In that way, they can easily obtain the fabric so they can start production quickly.

Partner with Pacific Supplies

Companies that want high-quality fabric for their mattress construction choose Pacific Supplies for its massive experience and competency in the industry. Pacific has emerged as a leading supplier of textiles or fabrics, as well as upholstery supplies. Manufacturers of mattresses choose Pacific because they don’t have to go somewhere else to convert the fabric they ordered from this supplier. Pacific has converted services that transform piles of fabric into their useful form. The following are the converting services offered by Pacific:

  • Re-rolling
  • Perforation
  • Custom slitting
  • Paneling
  • Laminating
  • Private labeling
  • Inspection services

Call Pacific for other fabric converting services needed.

Why Pacific Supplies?

This supplier has been in the business for 7 decades. Thanks to its strong relationships with its clients. It earned their trust through honest communication. It also listens to their concerns and wants to be involved in the process. If its clients are in the food processing business, Pacific will make the fabric intended for that industry and not for mattress construction. In other words, the making of fabric is different according to its application.

Other Fabrics Available from Pacific Upholstery Supply

Pacific Upholstery Supply doesn’t just specialize in twill fabric for mattress construction. It carries other traditional woven textiles, accessories, and tools, as well as other materials for various mattress constructions and upholstery projects. The textiles available can range from finishing fabrics to backing fabric. The following are some of the woven textiles available from this supplier:

  • Cotton canvas
  • Muslins
  • Polyesters
  • Burlap
  • Vinyl

Upholstery makers in the US choose Pacific Supplies to help them in creating finished products that their clients will surely love. Because the products are made from durable materials, the furniture is sure to last longer. In addition to textiles, the company also supplies decorative nails that secure the fabric and filling. The nails can also add aesthetic value to the furniture. For light construction projects, chipboards are available.

Made to Last Fabric

The fabrics made by Pacific Upholstery Supply are the result of its over 70 years of experience in the business. In other words, they are made to last and can hold up to the test of time. When hunting for high-quality twill fabric and other woven, and non-woven fabrics, call (323) 321-2222.