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Three Rules for Setting the Perfect Discount Furniture Dinner Table

There are three golden rules when it comes to setting the perfect discount furniture dinner table that you need to be aware of. The Emily Post Institute notes that there can be different table settings for different occasions but that the same golden rules always apply. Whether you are serving homemade pasta and salad, or a lavish three-course banquet you need to be mindful of your place settings. Having the correct cutlery, in the right place, will enhance your dining experience and allow you to simply serve your courses without having to bring out more flatware.

The Golden Rules

It is quite a simple format that you need to learn. Firstly, the utensil needs to be placed in order of use. What does this mean? Well, it means that that the idea is to start on the outside, first. If your first course is a salad, then the outside cutlery will be a salad fork and knife.

Secondly, if your next course is pasta – you will need to set an extra knife and fork, and possibly spoon. If you are serving steak and vegetable, then you should set a steak knife and fork.  Secondly, forks are always placed on the left of the plate, and knives and spoons are on the right.

The last rule is that you must only ever set the table with utensils that will be used. As beautiful as your vintage fish knives may be there is no point in confusing your guests by adding them to your place settings.

Ditto, your petite cake forks, or items that may look pretty but serve no utility. These may look attractive but will only add clutter to your table. So, simply put – if there is no soup course, there is no need for soup spoons. No steak course, no steak knives needed.

perfect discount furniture

What Type of Setting?

It could be formal, or informal. There is a little trick to remembering where the drinks and bread plate go! Take your thumbs and let them curl around to your forefinger to make a “b” and “d” – can you see which belongs to which side?

Yes, you guessed it! Drinking glasses go on the right, and the side plate is on the left. For a basic table setting, remember the word “fork” – f is for the fork, and on the left, o is round like a plate, K is sharp like a knife and on the right. The knives also need to face towards the plate.

A more formal setting is exactly the same but includes extra items. For example, there may be different wine glasses (Red, White, and Sparkling) depending on the wine that is being served with each course. Don’t forget your serviette or napkin!

Be Like Julia in Pretty Woman

The classic Hollywood film has an endearing etiquette moment when Julia “Vivian” is dining with Richard Gere “Edward” and his business associates. She went to her hotel manager, Mr. Thomson, who gave her a crash course in dining etiquette but at the restaurant, she is thrown when she is told the salad is only arriving at the end of the meal!

Her kindly dining companion simply picks up the first course, and eats with his hands, telling her that he also gets confused too. Julia had explained that it was the only fork she knew, and the men were waiting for her to start. The best host also knows how to make their guests feel comfortable, and when it’s a good idea too, to forget all the rules.

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