Top Homes for Sale in Los Feliz

Find Your Top Homes for Sale in Los Feliz

When you want luxury and history in Los Angeles, you should be looking at top homes for sale in Los Feliz. The city is sometimes described as a freeway with some of between, but Los Feliz is a beautiful neighborhood that has kept up with modern changes while still retaining its golden age feel. It seems to be able to strike the perfect balance between being comfortable and appealing, and still classy and extremely desirable. Not too hip, not too old money, this location has a laid-back sophistication that appeals to many.

Top Homes for Sale in Los Feliz

The Cool City above Silver Lake

When you are looking for a city with an obviously perfect mixture of cultural appeal and old world charm, Los Feliz is the perfect combination. It has a range of movie theatres, great outdoor dining locations and even the opportunity to tour some of the fantastic Frank Lloyd Wright houses in the area. If you are looking for somewhere that can meet your need for nightlife while still being refined, then Los Feliz is likely to be extremely popular. Beginning life as Rancho Los Feliz, it was founded in the 1830s, and the original founder’s property still stands in Griffith Park.

The Artistic World

Another appeal for many residents in Los Feliz is that it is intimately connected with the history of filmmaking in Los Angeles. Prospect Studios is in the community, originally founded in 1915, it is owned by Disney and produces big shows for ABC. On Sunset Boulevard you have the KCET Studios, which were originally established in 1912, and was a major movie studio for almost a hundred years. Fans will also know that Walt Disney Studios began life in Los Feliz, beginning in a garage in 1923. This should appeal to any fans of the creative arts looking for a place to call home in Los Angeles.

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