Fat Transfer

Understanding the Fat Transfer Process for a Brazilian Butt Lift

You might have heard the term Brazilian butt lift or its acronym BBL being used by various celebrities and influencers in the last few years, but how much do you actually know about the process and what it involves? Essentially, the purpose of a Brazilian butt lift is to provide the recipient with the kind of rear that Jennifer Lopez or any Kardashian would be proud to have. Lots of lift, lots of volume, and lots of voluptuous shapes… all of the things that you are looking for when you imagine a perfect behind! Of course, this isn’t something that is done with the waving of a magic wand. A BBL is a surgical procedure that involves fat transfer from one area of your body to another. To help you better understand, here is some key information about the BBL process.

You Are Placed Under General Anesthesia

For the BBL process to be undertaken, you will need to be placed under general anesthesia before the surgery. The surgery lasts somewhere between 2 and 4 hours on average depending on individual circumstances. When you wake up, you are sent to a recovery unit for 24 hours of care until the surgeon feels you are ready to be discharged for home recovery.

You Need To Reach  A Certain Hemoglobin Level

Another requirement for the surgery is that you have a hemoglobin level of 12,0 or higher. This, again, is an indicator of whether or not your body will be able to physically cope with the surgery and the transfers that your surgeon needs to make from one part of your body to your behind.

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