Moldable Inserts

Using Corefit Heat Moldable Orthotics

Regular foot pain is not something everyone wants to deal with. If you come home every night and spend hours with foot pain or rubbing your feet because you have been on them all day with shoes that are not providing you with the comfort and support you need then you are going to want to find a solution to give you some relief. You will find that there are a number of options available to you for help, but finding the option that really works best is what you are seeking without having to spend a fortune to get it. For the relief from foot pain you want the most, you should strongly consider trying Corefit orthotics.

Among the options available to you Corefit can provide you with the best one. You could simply go to the drug store and pick up a pair of generic inserts that promise to give you great foot relief, but the problem is these inserts are mass-produced and use flimsy foam and rubber to create the inserts. These are not designed to fit your specific feet and are not made to last long, giving you very minimal support and relief at all. You could also consider going to the doctor and getting fitted for a pair of custom orthotics for your shoes. This process can take some time as casts need to be made of your feet, molds created from the casts and then a third-party company creates the orthotics for you. This can often take weeks and can be a very expensive proposition for you.

What you really want is some type of medium ground between the two; something that offers you the quality and comfort of custom orthotics without having the high price tag along with it. Corefit can give you just that with their heat moldable orthotics. All it takes is placing the orthotics in boiling water for about thirty seconds and then placing the orthotic beneath your foot and molding it to your foot. The orthotic will fit the shape of your foot exactly so you can be sure you are getting the best support possible.

The easy process and reasonable cost makes Corefit the ideal option for you when you are seeking relief from foot pain. You will find that your shoes are more comfortable and you do not need to spend hours with your feet up or rubbing your feet to make the pain go away at the end of the day. Take the time to look at Corefit and you will see it can be the best option for proper and comfortable foot support.