neurofeedback therapy

Vaping and Marijuana Use Addiction

Vaping has become the thing to do in the last few years. There’s still controversy on the effects that vaping has on people who chose that rather than smoke. But the verdict from numerous small studies is that it is not as safe as people like to think. Furthermore, they suggest that vaping may likely lead to marijuana use.

Iris Healing Retreat is an addiction recovery center that uses unorthodox treatment methods as well as the traditional methodologies, such as neurofeedback therapy. With a highly professional and trained staff, we can design a program tailor-made to each individual’s recovery.

neurofeedback therapy

Excellent results with neurofeedback therapy

The center uses treatments such as neurofeedback therapy which has shown excellent results in the treating a wide range of addictive behavior such as alcohol and drug abuse. Additionally, it can help with conditions like anxiety, depression and PTSD. The therapy’s premise is that the brain needs recalculating. The circuitry within the brain requires re-programming as all addiction’s triggers are centered there.

People usually argue that they don’t need therapy for vaping or smoking, although these products lead to addictive behaviors. Marijuana use also requires attention, even though this is also a controversial issue with the substance nowadays becoming legal for medicinal or home use in individual states.

Many studies have proven that a user may not be content with sticking to marijuana and will go on to other drugs in search of greater ‘highs. With any addictive behavior, neurofeedback therapy has shown incredible results in helping the user get off drugs and remain off them. The rates of relapse are very slim.

Changed behavior

Neurofeedback therapy works by targeting the physiological elements behind some of the symptoms that are often dismissed as either resistant to treatment or a part of the addiction post-withdrawal. This includes marijuana use. 

What sets neurofeedback apart from traditional therapy is that it highlights accompanying disorders like anxiety, depression, and ADHD. This, along with a recovery program and continuing observation can reduce the chances of falling into relapse.

Re-organizing behavior

Neurofeedback therapy addresses much more than just the addiction. It helps individuals heal by re-organizing the behavior that contributed to the addiction, such as anger, anxiety, and depression. 

The role that neurofeedback plays is the one of a complete healer. This means that it doesn’t just re-tune certain parts of the body. Once the brain’s wiring that has been healed, such cure naturally affects the parts of the body related with substance use and abuse.

Why should you consider Iris Healing Retreat?

Iris Healing Retreat is a holistic rehabilitation center where empathy and spirituality lead to recovery through the healing of body, mind, and spirit. It is situated about a few hours away from Los Angeles.

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