Documented Vessel

What Documents Do You need To Cruise Abroad With Your Documented Vessel?

All boats engaged in foreign commerce must comply with the regulations in the International Conventions. And these include the International Labor Organization and International Maritime Organization. The US is a signatory to several Conventions. When your boat has USCG documentation, you may not adhere to the conventions that the US is not part of. When you cruise abroad, you must hire a local agent to assist you with several tasks. These tasks would include the intended discharging facility, arrange berthing, and several others.

Documented Vessel


For example, if your USCG documented vessel goes to Singapore, the agent will be with you when going to the country’s Maritime and Port Authority. It’s a government agency that conducts Port State Control inspections. It’ll ensure that your boat complies with the country’s regulations. Apart from adhering to the laws of the country where you’re visiting, you also need to abide by any international regulations approved by the nation. By using a local agent, he can assist you with other requirements imposed by the country. The good thing is that there’s no need to obtain a special registration to enter a country because your documented vessel will serve as the international registration.


However, you need to meet the port state control requirements, customs requirements and other notifications. The local agent will be with you to help you out. Any clearance formalities can vary from one country to another. That means, the formalities can be simple to some countries while other countries make them complicated. The complexity will depend on the country’s government. If it’s less liberated, then you’ll have to face its complex formalities. To avoid delays and penalties, make sure that you carry all documents for your boat. You need to prepare the papers beforehand so you can quickly access them when you need to fill some forms on the spot.


If you frequently travel to foreign countries, you may wish to carry a small printer or a scanner on your boat to save time while you find a copy shop ashore. Make sure that all your documents are in a stable, waterproof folder. Since you’re traveling to a foreign water, make sure that your boat’s USCG documentation is up-to-date. Nowadays, it’s easier than before to renew a vessel documentation. You can apply and submit the requirements online. To apply for a USCG documentation online, please head over to their website at