USCG boat bill of sale

What Goes into a USCG Boat Bill of Sale

Are you looking for a USCG boat bill of sale document? Have you started to put your own together, only to find that you aren’t 100% sure what goes into one? At our vessel documentation service, we get many questions from potential customers. One of them is: “where can I find an official bill of sale document?” The truth is that there is no “official” bill of sale document, not run through the Coast Guard. However, we can tell you what you should put in one. Additionally, we can help you to process it, too.

Why You Need a USCG Boat Bill of Sale

This document can have many uses for vessel owners. For one, it can help to prove your ownership rights. It may not be able to do that definitively, but it sure can’t hurt. By that same token, it can assist quite a bit in getting insurance for your boat, too. Usually, vessel owners have a bill of sale as well as other forms, such as the Certificate of Documentation, and others. As ever, it’s better to have a bill of sale than not.


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