be drawn on freckles

Why Everyone Wants To be Drawn On Freckles

Freckles are this year’s most fashionable accessory, and if you want to make sure that you are on-trend, then you need to have these little skin spots on your face. Those without the natural pigmentation will need to be drawn on freckles. At Freck you can find the perfect product to suit your needs. Our freckle cosmetic is the best way to make sure that you are able to show off your skin to its best advantage, and give yourself the latest look. Follow our brand to find out how you can get freckles that look great.

The Reason People Love Freckles

There are several reasons why women of any age can benefit from making use of our cosmetics. Firstly, freckles are this season’s biggest fashion trend, and you can copy this trend by drawing on your own. Secondly, freckles are a useful way of concealing the small blemishes that appear with aging. So by adding freckles to the area around your eyes and cheeks, you could cover over small pigmented sections, making you look younger. Lastly, freckles are also a good way of concealing other blemishes, such as acne scars or unsightly moles, since they can be used to conceal this type of blemish.

be drawn on freckles

How To Apply Freck

Once you have your freckle cosmetic, you can easily apply the liquid to your face. Start small, making little marks on your face of between 3 to 5 dots. You can spread this across the area to be covered, and then go back to the beginning and apply smaller, lighter dots. By using all of the cosmetics, rather than re-dipping your brush. You will get a combination of different shades of freckle, which will look more natural. You can also blot some of the larger freckles in order to soften them a little, and also create a darker tone around the Frecks. Then you can read it the brush and add some larger, darker freckles before applying a layer of powder over the top.

Start Your Own Freckles Today

With our handy Freck cosmetic, you can create drawn-on freckles today. You don’t even need to wear other makeup with our Frecks, as the cosmetic will look natural on its own. The natural-looking liquid will also wash off easily when you get rid of your makeup for the day. To find more information, contact at (213) 632-6977 today.