Leather Duffle Bag

Will Alcohol Destroy Leather Duffle Bag?

Here at Misch, we aim to educate our visitors and customers on everything about leather. In this post, let’s answer one of the popular questions about leather duffle bag — will alcohol destroy it?

Is It Okay to Clean Your Leather Duffle Bag with Alcohol?

Rubbing alcohol is one of the solutions used to clean the stains from a leather bag. Unfortunately, though, alcohol can ruin the leather. And not just alcohol. Acetone, too, can be bad for any product made of leather.

Why Is Alcohol Bad for Leather?

It causes the material to dry. That is, it dries out the leather. Keep in mind that it’s made from animal skin. If moisture is not locked in, the leather starts to crack or break. That’s why alcohol causes a problem with leather bags. Furthermore, alcohol removes the finish of the leather. It’s especially true if you don’t dilute it properly. It can easily knock off the outer layer on the surface. If that happens, your bag will lose its protective layer, thereby, exposing it to outside elements that can fully destroy the material.

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