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Workman’s Compensation Attorney For Nursing Home Workers

Nursing home workers are prone to injuries. If you work in one of the nursing homes in Long Beach and got injured, it is ideal that you talk to Belal Hamideh’s workman’s compensation attorney on how to deal with your claim.

Working in a nursing home will give you the rare opportunity to make a difference. However, injuries in these facilities are higher than what some people thought.


workman’s compensation attorney

The injuries are on the rise as seniors are now living longer. The staff here need to deal with patients who are seriously ill. Before, patients had to stay in the hospital for a long time to receive treatment. Nowadays, patients can live in assisted living homes through medical advancements.

But this scene can put additional strain on nursing home staff. Staff members of a nursing home in Long Beach are prone to broken bones if they slip and fall. Patients here can become violent and the nursing staff can get injured because of them.

When the staff members lift their patients, they are likely to sustain strain and injuries from it. Their staff members are also prone to fatigue. When they drive after hours on shift, they may meet a traffic accident.

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