Best Echo Park Real Estate Team

Move to the Side with Our Best Echo Park Real Estate Team

Sometimes called the greatest neighborhood in the Los Angeles area, Echo Park is the secret suburb of LA that is often overlooked when people are seeking new locations in California. It might be less old money than Sunset Boulevard or Silver Lake, and more expensive than Highland Park, but it is extremely diverse and has a rich history that ties it into the nearby dodger Stadium. If you want a to buy a property in this fantastic location, then our best Echo Park real estate team can match you with houses in this suburb.

Best Echo Park Real Estate Team

A Great Location

One of the reasons why people choose to move to Echo Park is that it offers central access to many of the most important things in LA. It is slap bang in the centre of the city, and will be nearby to everything that you could want, from the Pacific Ocean to Hollywood and everything in between. Within a short distance is Chinatown, and is a little further and you can get to Los Feliz and the Silver Lake estates. It also has four freeways connecting it to other locations, so you can go to Glendale, Hollywood, or even the University of California.

Paradise in LA

As part of the wider Echo Park suburb, you can access Elysian Park, originally a separate neighborhood, which contains a hiking trail that will see you improve your fitness in a matter of months. You can also make use of Echo Park, with a reservoir constructed in the 19th century that is also home to one of the biggest open-air fireworks displays and markets in Los Angeles. Just a short distance away is Angelino Heights, a bountiful location for Gothic Victorian mansions that would not look out of place on a classic horror movie set.

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If you are searching for best Echo Park real estate team, then Tracy do could help you to locate the ideal place for you to stay in Los Angeles. They have a wide listing of properties that could appeal to your sense of drama, or help to remind you of Hollywood’s fantastic past. If you are looking for something more expensive, then our Angelino Heights properties are rare but quickly snapped up. To view our listings or talk about options for purchasing in Los Angeles call the office on 323-842-4001, or send a message to today.