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No neighborhood in Los Angeles has undergone so rapid change as Highland Park. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was an enclave of artists and creative types, with a number of attractive Craftsman properties. It was partially affected by the gang activity which was rife throughout most of Los Angeles in the 90s, but it is now being restored to its former glory by gentrifiers and those who have lived in the area their whole lives. It is a place where cultures mix easily, and is turning into a very pleasant suburb which you can access with help from a top agent for Highland Park.

A Top Agent for Highland Park

The North-East of Los Angeles

Located as it is within a few miles of downtown Los Angeles, it has a strong urban culture that is focused around York Boulevard. This street is now filled with art galleries, traditional taquerias and American bistros, and is being rapidly followed by Figueroa Street, which has a Metro access and is developing into a popular nightlife destination. For a modern scene with plenty of urban culture, Highland Park is a fantastic location.

A Hot Place for Properties

While it was once ignored in favor of places like Silver Lake, in recent years Highland Park has seen a significant rise in property prices. Rents are soaring, but are still very affordable when compared to similar locations in Echo Park, and artists and musicians are quickly turning to Highland Park for a cheaper living alternative. The influx of artists means that Highland Park retains a lot of its classical neighborhood feel, a friendly location where you know everybody you meet, from bistro owners to jazz musicians. Living in the area, you get a strong sense of history, and you can also feel the flavor of the original neighborhood, complete with fantastic Mexican food and great music.

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