vessel registry in Canada

Boat and Personal Vessel Registry in Canada

Registration of your boat and personal watercraft is a prerequisite if you have to put it on waters. It is essential to make sure that it is in your name for safety and security reasons. For boat and personal Vessel Registry handles all the registration processes. It is a simple process, but you will require having proper supporting documents. Here is what you need to know about the registration process.

Vessel Registry in Canada

 1.Who can do the Registration?

A Canadian citizen or someone with a permanent residence is allowed to register a boat and personal watercraft. In a case of an organization, then it should be incorporated under the Canadian laws. An organization incorporated under the laws of a foreign country is accepted. However, this is only allowed under certain conditions such as when an employee or a director is in Canada working in their branch office in the country.

2.Trailer ownership

Most of the vessels and personal watercraft have a trailer. With the right documentation, you can quickly change ownership into your name. You will need to have a signed registration of the previous owner and fill a transfer form. Once you have completed the transfer form. New plates and registration are issued and this means that your trailer is completed and can be used.

3.Pleasure craft license

A pleasure craft license applies to all the vessels. That is used for pleasure, recreational, and daily living. It is a document with a number that is used for identification of the boat. No fee is charged to get the license. Pleasure watercraft licenses are valid for ten years. Need to be renewed at Transport Canada after their expiry date. The brokers don’t collect the taxes. The registration numbers can remain the same if you want to. Remember that you will need an operator’s card for your vessel.

vessel registry in Canada

Boat and Personal Watercraft

4.Boat ownership

Transport Canada is responsible for carrying out the change of ownership, and no charge is administered for this service. If you have a boat, it is a must to have it changed into your name before putting it into the water. You Should not operate your watercraft without a valid vessel registry. Otherwise, you can be fined $250. If the boat was once foreign owned, a notarized bill of sale must be provided. However, if the vessel was built in Canada and it has always been held by a Canadian, the Builder’s Certificate for First Title is needed. In addition, a Bill of Sale is required.

5.Documentation required

Having the supporting documentation is necessary to complete registration of your boat and personal watercraft. Some of the crucial documents include Bill of Sale, Deletion of Documentation, titles, licenses, invoices, and emails. All those papers will have to be seen for the Canada Transport to approve your registration. If all the paperwork is in order, the registration process can be much faster and simpler. However, the lack of some documents may result in your registration being rejected. This may cause unnecessary delays on your part.

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