how to register a vessel in canada

How to Register a Vessel in Canada

After getting the headache of going through the purchasing processes, you will now need to get your boat registered. Registration with vessel registry is a simple process if you have the right documentation. Furthermore, you need to know what documents are required, how to go about it and what to expect. Here they will take you through some of the requirements to How to register a vessel in Canada.

Canadian Vessel

1.Boat Registration

Registration merely puts when you are supposed to provide proof that you own the boat to get a title. The registered boats have two external markings which are the boat name and the port of registry. There are also some interior markings that are found on the registered boat. The markings are the vessel’s official number and registered tonnage. You will need to have your boat registered with for safety reasons. The rescuers use this information to help them accurately execute their operations when you are lost at sea. It’s also important for security reasons such as if your boat is stolen. The information can be used to trace your boat.

2.Boats that need to be registered

If your boat has an engine capacity of 10 horsepower (7.5 KW) or more, it must be registered. This is also applicable to a boat that is going to be built in Canada, or it is already in the manufacturing process. However, the owners of pleasure watercraft have an option of having their vessels registered or not. The Small Vessel Register or the Canadian Register of Vessels is mandated to do the registration of these small boats.

3.Benefits of getting your boat registered

There are several benefits that you get for having your boat registered. For example, you get proof of ownership, a unique name, and official number for your vessel. Importantly, you get the right to fly a Canadian flag on your boat. You can get a marine mortgage if your boat is registered. This is great if you want to use your vessel as security for a marine mortgage.

how to register a vessel in canada

Vessel Registry

4.Who can register their boats?

To register a Canadian vessel, you need to be a Canadian citizen. The individuals with a permanent resident permit, employee or a director of a corporation that is operating in Canada are also eligible. However, the corporation should be incorporated under the laws of Canada or a foreign country. This can only happen when that corporation has a branch office and is doing business in Canada.

5.How to register your boat

To get your boat registered, you will have to select a minimum of three names for your boat. The Transport Canada will only approve one name from the submitted list. The application for registry form needs to be accurately completed. You will be required to provide evidence of ownership or title which includes Bill of Sale or a signed pleasure craft license. Also, a statement of qualification will be required. Be prepared to have your boat measured for tonnage during the registration process.

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