advice on importing a vessel into canada

Helpful Advice on Importing a Vessel into Canada

Once you have decided to acquire a new boat, there are a few things you have to consider. These include at the point of purchasing to getting it to your home. A new vessel needs to undergo several processes including obtaining it registered at vessel registry. Always be organized to make sure that you don’t run into problems. Take a look at helpful advice on importing a vessel into Canada.

Importing a Vessel into Canada

1.Importing a vessel

You can import a boat yourself or use an agent to make the process easier. Before you make the purchase, it is essential to have all the paperwork in order. Documents such as ownership, titles, licenses, and invoices are needed at the border crossing. Taxes and licenses are also required after crossing the border. You have to check the boat yourself before purchasing it to avoid getting unpleasant surprises.

2.The purchase

The excitement of getting a new vessel should not overcome your good judgment. Check out everything such as having a vessel water-trial before signing any agreement of purchase. Remember to have payment methods that are agreeable to the seller. In most cases, cash or electronic transfer gets accepted. All the transactions should have copies of paperwork. Also, insurance should be arranged immediately after completing a purchase.

3.Bringing the vessel

This is an important decision that you have to make on whether to bring the boat by land or water. You must inform the Canada Customs officials when the boat has arrived into the country. There is always a customs officer who will inspect your vessel at the border crossing. Documents such as proof of ownership and Bill of Sale are needed. You will have to pay the taxes because they will not allow you to take the boat without paying for it. Therefore, be prepared to have cash or other alternative methods of payment.

advice on importing a vessel into canada

Vessel Registry


You will need to do vessel registration form, and Transport Canada manages all the registration processes. At the border, you can use the broker or yourself to handle the processes. The brokers can make things more comfortable as they have experience dealing with that. You will need to provide ownership and Bills of Sale for your boat as these are required. The Canada Customs will check your vessel after reporting that it has arrived at the border. It is essential always to be truthful with all the transactions that you have done to avoid any complication.


The sales tax is charged depending on the province of entry into Canada. The Provincial Sales Tax is charged in four areas, which are British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba (RST), and Quebec (QST). The Harmonized Sales Tax is charged in these provinces and territories New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Labrador. Other places of entry have no sales tax. There is a federal duty on boats manufactured in Canada, Mexico, and Unites States because of the North America Free Trade Agreement.

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