Life jacket for Canadian Vessel

Find a Perfect Fitting Life jacket for Canadian Vessel in 5 Easy Steps

A life jacket which is also called a life vest is essential gear for any water-related activity,  including boating. A life jacket is sometimes referred to as personal floating devices (PFD). A life jacket is as important as having your boat registered at vessel registry. It is designed to provide extra flotation to the wearer while in water. Most drowning happen because there is a lot of disregard for the importance of a life jacket for Canadian vessel. Here are five easy steps to find a perfect fitting life jacket.

The Life Jackets for Canadian Vessel

 1. Off-shore life jacket

Known as type 1 PFD and is possibly the most reliable flotation and buoyancy life jacket for Canadian vessel. It’s ideal for off-shore use such as open waters and rough seas. If you are going for boating or fishing alone, then this is the right type of life jacket that you will need. It’s designed to turn the user face-up even when you are unconscious. This allows you to retain heat because of its extra foam and fabric. They come in different bright colors and may have reflective strips to help rescuers locate you.

2.Near-shore buoyancy vest

Type 2 life jacket which is used on calm waters. It’s designed to be worn when you are near to shore. If you are going for fishing, sailing, or boating near to the shore, then you need to get this life jacket. This life jacket is great for children, and in most cases, it will turn children face-up because their weight needs less buoyancy. Even unconscious adults, it may become some of them face-up. It must be noted that this life jacket provides less buoyancy than type 1 PFD. However, some people might find this life vest slightly less uncomfortable than type 1.

3.Flotation Aid

This is a type 3 life jacket for Canadian vessel which provides the same amount of flotation as type 2 above. However, it doesn’t turn-up unconscious user in the water. Based on this fact, it might not be ideal for the children. This life jacket is comfortable and lightweight for the wearer. That’s the reason why most people love it and is mostly used for water activities including boating. It is significant to note that you may have to tilt your head back to prevent your face from being down in the water.

Life jacket for Canadian Vessel

Personal Floating Devices

4.Throwable device

Most people know this throwable device as a ring buoy which can come as a seat cushion or horseshoe-shaped form. In fact, this is more of a tool than a life jacket. This is used to get someone who is consciously struggling to get out of the water. This device should be used as a back-up to the life jacket. It is essential to keep them close-by on your boat in case of an emergency.

5.Specialty use device

There are activities or conditions which require the use of special devices which are also known as type 5 life jackets. Some of the devices which fall into this category include a deck suit, float coat, and commercial whitewater vest. These should be used when water skiing, windsurfing, and kayaking.

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