boating tips for Canadian vessel

Top 10 Eco-friendly Boating Tips for Canadian Vessel

There are things that you need to know once you have a boat and are now ready to put it on water. After all the processes get completed including registration with the vessel registry. It is time to put your boat in the water.But, it is your responsibility to take care of the marine environment or making it Eco-friendly. Here are some of the Eco-friendly boating tips for Canadian vessel you need to know while having fun on your boat.


  1. Prevent oil and gas discharges

Your engine should be well adjusted to avoid fuel and leaks. Oil spills can be hazardous to the environment and marine life. Make sure that you have secured an oil absorbent pad in your bilge and below it where spills usually occur.

  1. Sewage waste

It is normal for most people to use the restroom while boating a Canadian vessel. If your boat has an on board toilet, it is a great benefit and makes life easier while boating. But, it is illegal to dump untreated sewage within 3 miles of shore.Don’t worry if you don’t have an installed toilet. You can use a port-a-potty and dispose it at a harbor dump station.

  1. Oil changes

When changing oil, make sure that you should use an oil change pump. This can be utilized to transfer oil to a spill-proof container. It is ideal to wrap a plastic bag or even an absorbent pad around the oil filter. This ensures that oil does not get spilled into the bilge.

  1. Leave some space in your tank

It is essential to prevent fuel from overflowing by leaving it at least 10% empty. This helps the fuel to expand when it’s warming up. But, if you top off the fuel tank, then some fuel will spill into the water when it’s expanding.

      5.Clean with eco-friendly products

Make sure that activities such as cleaning and spraying are done with environmentally friendly products. Cleaning causes runoff and chemicals can interact with the environment that can be harmful.

eco-friendly boating tips for Canadian vessel

What you can do about the Eco-friendly boating tips for Canadian vessel

    6.Avoid maintenance in the water

Doing boat maintenance in the water should be minimized. If you want to carry out maintenance work, try to do it in the boatyard. However, if you have no choice, then contain the waste by using tarps and vacuum sanders.

  1. Keep trash on board

There will always be trash that needs to be thrown away while boating a Canadian vessel. Remember to keep trash including fishing line, cigarette butts, and plastics on board. There are shore-side facilities where you can throw this waste. These sites do recycling of plastic, glass, paper, and paper.

  1. Avoid greywater waste

Greywater refers to the untreated water that comes from onboard sinks, showers, washing machines, and dishwater. This water has chemicals which are dangerous to the environment. Therefore, do a lot of dishwashing and bathing at onshore facilities.

  1. Avoid copper bottom paint

 The bottom part of the boat needs to be environmentally-friendly as it contacts water directly. Much as it is appreciated that it needs to be strong and durable. Don’t use anti-fouling paints. This type of paint has high levels of copper oxide which is harmful to the marine ecosystem.

  1. Use the right engine

 It has been learned that the traditional engines such as the two-stroke engines are not safe for the environment. Their disadvantages include the use of more fuel which results in creating more exhaust and fuel spillage.You can prevent this by using a modern four-stroke engine which is more efficient.

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